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My passion for confectionery and delicacies is deeply rooted in tradition and heritage. As a child, I spent countless hours watching my mother and grandmother prepare amazing and unique confections.

After a few years in the professional world, I decided to take care of my family. I was concerned about my children's well-being and wanted to give them both precious memories and healthy, tasty snacks. The sweets I had enjoyed all my life were the perfect opportunity to do this. 

I began to pursue my dream and my true passion: to create unique confections to share with my family and friends.

My creations quickly spread beyond my immediate circle and I realised that customers, like them, were looking for tasty, beautiful and memorable treats that they could share with others.

In 2019, with the help of my husband we opened Confiserie de la Fée in Vétroz ( 7 km from Sion). Now we have evolved into a small business, committed to delivering high quality confections with exceptional taste that I want to share with you.

From my family to yours!


About our products

Our passion

We pay attention to detail. Even the smallest detail is...


Good taste doesn't have to be complicated. By using simple, high quality ingredients, we allow our confections to stand out on their own. There's no need for gimmicks.

By hand

All of our products are carefully handcrafted into unique (art) pieces that we want to share with you. The recipes and know-how are based on a long tradition and attention to detail.


Made to the highest quality standards, natural and vegan we use only the finest ingredients to create delicious and tasty confections.

Lactose free

Gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan... To ensure that everyone can enjoy our confections, we always mark our ingredients carefully. Our delicacies are free of dairy products, eggs and gelatine.

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The heart of our secret: timeless recipes and attention to detail combined with know-how.

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